Monthly Archive November 2020

ByDoug Matatall

Planning for the Future – The Legion Post COVID 19

Mt. Brydges Legion Br251 – Pilot Project

As we all know, many Legions have been struggling financially for some time now. The COVID pandemic has made a bad situation worse by depriving the Legions of the opportunity to drive revenues in their traditional fashion.

It is now time to rethink the future of the Legions; a time to be creative and innovative in helping the Legions to recover and rebuild from the hardships of the pandemic. It is time to create a Legion that will last well into the 21st century; one that will ensure the value of Lest we Forget is carried on for future generations while driving growth and resilience for Legions and the community they support.

Legions Community Value

While the majority of people know about the work the Legion does to ensure we “never forget” our veterans, most people have no idea about all the great work the volunteers behind the nonprofit Legion do in supporting their local community. Their ongoing fundraising helps seniors, multiple charities, youth development programs, community projects, children’ sports programs, school projects, health care, hospitals, community events, veterans and people in need.  This is obviously needed now more than ever before.

Changing Market

The market has also been undergoing dramatic and radical change because of digital technology. COVID 19 has accelerated this change as throngs of consumers are now going digital for the first time to do things like online banking, grocery shopping, drive thru services, and on-line fund raising.  The world today looks vastly different than it did even at the start of 2020.

For post COVID 19 recovery and rebuilding, the Legions need to be able to engage with the digital consumer and this is only possible through the effective use of digital technology, have a digital presence and being able to provide a digital experience that will attract new customers.

Pilot Project – Community Based Legion

Mt. Brydges Legion is planning to create and pilot an innovative template of a next generation Community Gateway Legion; a “Community Social Center” for people of all ages to be involved with. The Legion is making a submission to the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Resilient Community Fund for a grant to implement a digital transformation and modernization program. This will help the Legion to reach, connect and engage with a younger audience and through discovery, collaborate on the creation of a new Legion model, one that is relevant to today’s market, one that will be resilient  and one that will motivate people to explore, discover and experience everything that the Legion and community has to offer.